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Venetia - Max Mara Resort 2025

Max Mara presents Resort 2025 in Venice. La Serenissima - the eternally beautiful city, so often represented as a woman embodying justice, harmony, power, progress, loyalty and grace is the perfect location for the Max Mara show. The collection draws inspiration from the multi-cultural influences that established the city as a powerhouse of global trade, a fulcrum of style and a dynamic centre for art and culture.

From ‘robes de chambres’ to trench coats and tabarri, Max Mara serves up the stateliest coats. There are heart stopping gowns for special occasions, sweeping spolverini, snappy tunics and sharp tailleurs. Outsize tassels, chunky drawstrings, extravagant handkerchief cuffs and pannier skirts cut in panne velvet are key features. The crowning glory is a series of turban inspired headpieces released in collaboration with the legendary milliner, Stephen Jones.

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